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Every aspirant who aims to crack IIT JEE has a success ladder to rise. This ladder requires hard work, determination and dedication to reach the top of success. Dreaming to crack JEE Main 2022 requires sleepless nights and a lot of hard work to prepare for the exam. It is necessary to study with proper strategies and to plan along with hitting the textbooks. It is also crucial to find the best study material for JEE Main to prepare for the examination. 

Questions like the best JEE Books, class and regular notes to refer toJEE Main sample papers and more dropped up when it comes to JEE Main 2022 preparation. The JEE Mains 2022 study material is mainly based on textbooks, reference books, mock tests and short notes. Students must focus on the study material to avail the knowledge of good JEE Main study material. So it is better to polish up the preparation to gain perfect outcomes and results as these are the appropriate techniques and tools to push towards success.

    Be dependent on the Class Notes.

    •  the first and foremost step to start your study preparation is to be attentive and be dependent on class notes. It is the first stone of your preparation by noting down and ensuring that all the important information is mentioned and taught in the class. Due to pandemics, online classes have paved its way. You can also prepare online class notes and acknowledge your data whenever necessary that will act as a starting step to find out the best study material and preparation start-up for JEE Main 2022. Write down and note down all the important data and information you get in your classes. If you plan coaching class for your IIT JEE preparation, the notes in online or live coaching classes will be a beneficial add-on. Class notes will be a special asset and prove the basic founding steps to your JEE Main 2022 preparation. Once the basic concepts are clear, acknowledged and understood, students can develop and create a better understanding and knowledge of the topics.

    Books are good friends.

    •  With the market pushing up the space with enormous books and references, it is difficult for the aspirant to decide which book is best and more beneficial for them. Some of the suggested books from the team of expert teachers in subject wise segregation are listed below for reference.

    Physics Important Books



    Concepts of Physics -Part I

    HC Verma

    Concepts of Physics -Part II

    HC Verma

    Practice Book Physics for JEE Main and Advanced

    DC Pandey

    Problems in General Physics

    I.E. Irodov

    Physics for JEE (Main and Advanced)-Vol 1 and 2

    Resnick, Halliday, Walker


    Chemistry Important Books





    Organic Chemistry

    Robert T. Morrison and N. Boyd

    Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations

    R.C. Mukherjee

    GRB Numerical Chemistry

    P. Bahadur

    Concise Inorganic Chemistry

    J.D. Lee

    Mathematics Important Books



    IIT Mathematics

    M.L. Khanna

    Degree level Differential Calculus

    A Das Gupta

    Mathematics for Class 11 and 12

    R.D. Sharma

    Objective Mathematics for JEE

    R.D. Sharma

    Problems in Calculus of One Variable

    I.A. Maron

    Higher Algebra

    Hall and Knight

    Previous year question papers and sample papers

      Formulae handbook

      •  It is sometimes very challenging and quite difficult to mug up every formula and algorithm. But it is also necessary to revise and know every formula by heart to attain good marks in the examination. For this, a formulae handbook will be the best option and a great help in quick revision from time to time. It is also beneficial as it will create an image in your mind that is beneficial in your exam when you solve your problems. It is also helpful as you don’t need to go through every chapter repeatedly to go through the formulas. Before entering the exam hall, you can go through the list of formulae and important theorems to recall and revise them in your brain with a dose of important figures and facts.

      Preparation Tips

      •  Follow the preparation tips that the passed outs and senior students have shared. Ask them for simple tips and tricks to enhance your score in the examination. To ensure an easy approach and smooth flow of your JEE Main preparation, train yourself beforehand with JEE Main necessary tips and tricks for the respective subjects from subject mentors. You can visit us for more personalised tips anytime on weekends with a prior appointment.

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