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How to prepare for IIT-JEE from Class X?

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How to prepare for IIT-JEE from Class X?

In today’s time, every serious student is focused and wish to have a plan for successful career, those students who want to pursue engineering are mainly in search of the answers to their queries regarding how to prepare for IIT-JEE Exams and get the best results to excel in their exams. At times they may be confused about where to start studying for the exam and when to start the preparation for the competition? Some aspirants want to start their studies from class 11th but are worried about how they will simultaneously cope with the school exams and the competitive preparation. However, others may struggle with confusion that late preparation may give them limited time to prepare for the exams. So, here are some of the reasons why and how to prepare for IIT-JEE from Class X:

Why is Class X the perfect time to prepare for the IIT-JEE Exams?

  • The perfect time to begin preparing for IIT JEE is undoubtedly class X, as it helps you to master the three essential subjects of the exam that is Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics
  • It helps you to understand the in-depth concepts and basics of the subjects from the initial time. 
  • You get enough study material from day one regarding the subjects and can make relevant notes. 
  • You don’t need to take a drop to prepare for your competitive exams.

How to prepare for IIT-JEE from Class X?

Following are some easy tips and tricks to prepare for your IIT JEE preparation in class X.

  1. 1. Understand the concept and base of the subjects in the IIT-JEE exams

The initial step is to understand the subjects’ concepts and basics. It is also important to note the introductory chapter scoring in all three subjects. You have to be very clear with the concepts from class 10th. The best way is to study and briefly examine the entire syllabus initially. Please be noted that JEE Advanced and JEE Mains Syllabus are almost similar. However, in JEE Advanced, the difficulty level of the question can be more, as compared to JEE Mains as it is the advanced exam. 

  1. You can take help from coaching for a systematic approach

Doubt-clearing sessions and individual attention can be critical features to guide the aspirants with better learning. IIT-JEE Coaching classes are one of the best ways to get a rooted analysis of the subjects. With the help of coaching, you can also get study materials for your preparation that will help you throughout your preparation journey for the competition. Career counselling is also a part of the action for many students that motivates the children and guide them toward a better career option. Coaching also helps you to prepare a routine and schedule your daily learning timetables. 

  1. Make a routine of learning for yourself

While you start learning from class X, ensure you don’t lose time in unwanted distractions. Prepare a timetable to schedule your learning and your school and coaching routines. It would help if you also planned your timetable that infuses all the essential chapter scoring. Also, make a routine to read the topics daily after understanding the concepts to get a better grip on the topic. With this, it is also advised to take breaks that are good for the relaxation of your mind. But avoid taking time out for things that distract you; otherwise, you’ll lose your interest in your studies and won’t sit back to study. Take short breaks with leisure time to enjoy your learning.  

  1. Be determined and focused in your efforts

The aspirant of IIT-JEE should be focused and determined and have a passion for learning the subjects. It is very important to work hard and never lose hope to learn and explore more & more. A time can come when you may feel demotivated or lose hope to study more. This is when you need to understand, stay calm, and move forward with a positive approach. Consistency is yet another crucial parameter to achieving your goal. Never give up, and stay focused on your dreams.

  1. Stick to small goals to achieve big targets

When you start learning your subjects, you may realize that the chapters or the syllabus are too big. It can depend on your skills to grasp a subject well. You need to stick to small targets and do a sound module that may contain half a chapter, 2-3 topics, or one small chapter. Take up one module at a time and then work on your goal with a fresh mind. This helps you to have less worry and complete your targets with ease and no worry at all. You’ll finally realize that you have completed almost all the topics. At the end of the day, you must revise and read the topics before your exams. 

  1. Evaluate your performance

Solve the questions, and give yourself scores on a daily basis. You can overcome your exam fear by frequently analysing your progress with frequent tests and practice papers. It will also help you check your growth pattern, speed, accuracy, and time management skills and will motivate you to give your exams easily. 

After solving a test, analyse your weakness and silly mistakes that you made in the test. Your mission should be to work on weaker topics and not repeat the same mistakes again. This way, you can upskill your score with every test you give during the exam preparation.  

These tips and tricks can be of great importance to crack your IIT-JEE Main and JEE Advanced Exams. Reach us to know more.

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