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Do you want to crack NEET 2022 and have started preparing for the same? You might have been walking on the path of learning but still wondering why you are less confident about your possibilities to crack this year? It is natural. With the immense pressure of your board examination, you might feel that the NEET exam is getting less attention for your preparation. You might be in a dilemma if you should take a drop or continue with the results, you’ll be achieving in the NEET exam.

It is generally a question of concern for many aspirants because of a massive exam syllabus and an ever-increasing competition. Moreover, NEET is also considered as one of the difficult hurdles for a medical student. In this blog, you’ll get a complete overview and detailed analysis of the pros and cons of dropping a year for NEET preparation. 

So, if you are in any confusion or pressure of the exam, you can go through different NEET droppers’ success stories, and this blog will help you understand and make an informed yet acknowledged decision.

Should Medical Aspirants Drop a Year or Not

Usually, the wish and dream of becoming a doctor are way too much higher than an engineer in the candidate. It is statistically proven that engineering students do not often face such a dilemma like should I drop a year for JEE or not. The stats are more in the NEET exam than in JEE. But, to cut out this confusion, aspirants should not just depend on their intuitions or schools. An aspirant should analyse and make a strong choice only after perfect idea and complete reasoning of various factors. Some pros and cons of skipping a year for NEET exam preparation are mentioned.


  • Ease and better preparation of your exam

One of the important benefits of taking a drop is that the applicant will have a proper opportunity to understand their weaker points and excel in their stronger areas with full confidence.

Due to the Board exams, the aspirant may often feel that the time they have is not sufficient to prepare for NEET-UG. Thus, another year can surely give them a better opportunity and greater chance to consolidate the concepts and improve in every topic in the most optimum way. 

  • Being better in difficult topics of Your Past Performance

As the aspirant has experience of the exam and its pattern in the exam they have experienced before and know they are willing to prepare more efficiently for the exam once again, they have experience as well better time slot to analyse and prepare for the subjects better. Therefore, the break of one year can be very enhancing and fruitful for them. Moreover, during the tenure of the drop-year, they can easily judge and analyse their past performance and understand the topics where more attention and care is required.

Also, the applicant can focus directly and completely only on NEET preparation without having anything else in their mind. With a comprehensive learning process, full-concentration and complete focus, NEET 2022 preparation tips, and mock tests, no one can beat the aspirant, and they can surely achieve the desired rank in the examination.

  • Gainable Rank

After the last year’s NEET rank, you have now understood where you are precisely standing. Thus, you can rank significantly better with systematic improvement in your performance. As you have experienced the relation between effort and rank, you can work on it and achieve your preferred position in NEET.

  • Aiming for Best Colleges

As an aspiring medical student, your final mission should surely be to get admission to the best dental and medical colleges nationwide. But, because of the cut-throat competition and immense pressure, it can be a bit rough to achieve a good job after that too. So, instead of compromising with mediocre college admission, you can aim high to your dream by making a year drop and getting access to the top-notch college in the country.


  • Losing a Year

One of the biggest drawbacks of taking a one-year drop for NEET preparation is loss of 1 year time. It means you have to go back and revise with the same preparation and concepts for an extra year. moreover, it can make you more stressed and be more disheartening to some candidates. Another cause is that if you have a good plan for higher studies like a Master’s Degree or PhD, you may not be sure to lose the whole year.

  • Pressure of Performance

With the results of your previous year’s performance that came out to be not satisfactory, you may undergo extreme pressure to outperform others in your next year’s exam. But, on the other hand, if you fail to perform best in the other year, the extra year can be a complete waste. Thus, with all this pressure, sometimes you can be distracted or diverted, and the result can turn out to be even worse. 

Do You Need to Drop a Year?

With confidence, proper training, good assistance and dropper success stories of NEET, you can surely stay motivated and steer these stresses.

Answer the following question if you are considering to decide whether dropping a year will be worth it:

  • By what marks or rank did you miss the cut off?
  • Will you be able to score well to get good rank and get into your desirable college?
  • Can you lead good motivated, self-disciplined routines for a year-long time?
  • Are you 100% sure and confident about your career options and your aim?


This blog has carter some of the pros and cons of taking a drop for your NEET exam preparation. After detailed analysing of these mentioned points and putting into some of your inputs and desires, it might have been clear what can be the most beneficial decision for you and what can go wrong for your shinning career. 

If you wish to take a drop, during this year, to increase your concentration and potential, you can also engage yourself with some yoga or sports activities or some fitness classes along with your NEET course.

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