15 years of experience at Delhi, Kota, Vijaywada, Hyderabad and now in Indore.


I used to enjoy Aseem sir’s classes a lot. Aseem sir made physics much more than just writing equations and solving them. I revered him for the passion with which he taught physics. I feel fortunate to have Aseem sir’s teaching and guidance for two years

Ashrut / AIR 17 (2017)

The greatest requirement in solving physics problems is the clear understanding of concepts and confidence. Aseem sir’s teaching provided me both of these. He guided me from scratch to pinnacle of subject and so, physics became both enjoying as well as scoring. I want to thank Aseem sir for guiding me in my journey to secure a good rank in IIT-JEE

Dileep Reddy / AIR 44 (2017)

I want to thank Aseem sir for making physics as a subject so enjoying that how it all passed was never felt by me. His methods of solving questions and discussion on each aspect used to make subject so clear that solving was never any difficult task. I thank Aseem sir for guiding me at a crucial time of my life and help me achieve a dream rank in IIT-JEE.

Yashwant / AIR 108 (2018)

K.K. Giri


16 years of experience at Kolkata, Hyderabad and now in Indore.


KK Giri sir had taught me physical and inorganic chemistry for two years. Sir always stressed on
the importance of applying basic concepts at a time when we thought inorganic chemistry was
nothing but rote learning, which was a source of great encouragement to us. In physical chemistry
sir taught with an emphasis on learning how the formulae are derived to strengthen our basics. His
teaching has proved to be invaluable to my preparation.

Anmol Reddy / AIR 26 (2018)

I was kk giri sir’s student in 11th and 12th. He taught me chemistry in a simple way, which was easy to understand and grasp. Sir’s class notes in itself was a complete guide as far as theory is concerned. The illustrations and homework given in class helped me get a good grip on every topic. He is always very approachable and understands students very well. Thanks for all the motivation and helping me secure a very good rank in IITJEE.

Surapaneni Sai Vigna / AIR 44 (2019)

I stood in all India rank 31 in JEE advanced 2018. Currently I am pursuing computer science and engineering in IIT Bombay. It would really be a hard journey through JEE coaching unless we have a friendly professor who is thorough with the subject. KK Giri sir is one such professor who guided me through chemistry. Being guided under such professor is a real stepping stone for my success.

Abhishek / IIT Bombay

Vishal Mahajan


17 years of experience at Indore




I studied from Vishal sir for five years i.e. from class 8 th to class 12 th . The personal attention Vishal sir have given me during these years really helped me out in clearing various scholarship exams like NTSE, KVPY etc and in achieving such a good rank in JEE-Advanced. The question bank and study material Vishal sir possesses along with his great problem solving and teaching ability have really helped me out over the years. He not only helped me in maths but also motivated me to do well in other subjects also. I would really like to thank Vishal sir for his support over the years.

Yathansh Kathuria / AIR 22 (2014)

It had been an exhilarating experience to study under the guidance of Sir Vishal Mahajan. He had been a wonderful teacher and a guide throughout my journey to IIT. He didn’t leave any stone unturned in preparing us for JEE Maths. All the material, study notes and practice sheets given to us were more than sufficient to make it through JEE. He had always been very humble, supportive and encouraging to all his students. He had always been there to uplift and motivate us in the moments of despair. Classes had never been so participating and interacting before. His humor and elucidation skills kept the energy alive in the classes. No matter how bad one thinks one’s bad at mathematics, Vishal sir  always had a way out. From the basic concepts of limits to all the intricacies involved in the toughest of chapters, everything seemed a piece of cake after his class. His general life fundae during and outside the class hours had always been very helpful not just in JEE but even today. Doubt clearing sessions were held regularly and with the same level of enthusiasm from the instructor throughout the whole preparation. Each and every paper was scrutinized deeply, post examinations. Also the 12th Boards syllabus was covered along with the JEE Advance preparation. All in all JEE Adv Mathematics couldn't have been any better and so did our JEE journey without Vishal sir. Thanks a lot sir for everything.

Sarthak Nijhawan / AIR 88 (2015)

I was Student of Vishal Mahaajn sir in years 2013-15. I sought assistance from no-one apart from sir as far as JEE-Mathematics is concerned. Besides being an excellent teacher, you had always motivated me and my classmates to pursue our goal. Your teaching techniques and problem-solving abilities were exemplary, as a result, you were role model for a lot of my mates. The example problems and study/practice material, handcrafted by you rode me to the path of excellence and helped me achieve accolades in JEE. I owe All my success in JEE to you.

Amay Jain / AIR 15 (2015)