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Life means ups and downs. It is not a bed of roses and definitely not a bed of thorns either.  A few things to look at, in case if you have tried and could not make it through… It is very important to take all your setbacks as a lesson and not take it too personally that it disturbs your normal life. Success and failure walk hand in hand, without them your life is not complete. The point is failure or success should not decide or define your entire life and especially “you”. Thus, if you fail in the examination, don’t get nervous rather try to stay strong and buckle up and try to move on. Always understand that it is an exam and never think it something larger-than-life. Just believe in yourself and try your very best.

If your first attempt is unsuccessful and you are looking ahead to join the IIT then you can definitely go for a repeat in the next year and overcome the failure (if you are still likely and are valid to sit in the next year’s exam). This time you can surely change your JEE preparation techniques and plan with a brand new and focussed approach.

One important thing is, “how much you learnt from your common errors in JEE” and the left over depends on your all-over preparation and competition in the given year. Try not to repeat mistakes, judge your strengths & weakness and execute your work accordingly.  Above all, Believe in yourself. Every year around 12 lakh candidates appear for the IIT JEE competing for roughly 10,000 applications in various IITs in India. But the competition and clashing are huge and the number of aspirants who succeed is a small fraction of the total number of candidates. Even if you are not there on the selected list, and also don’t want to repeat, don’t take stress because, there are many other engineering institutes in India that accept JEE scores. Not coping up with one of the IITs does not mean that it is the end of your engineering career. You can upgrade your engineering career from any public or private colleges. Just keep enhancing and upgrading your skills and work on your visions and goals. At the end of the day, what is most important is how better you are at creating and developing new things, and bringing creative and innovative ideas, and how you can make life easier and tension-free.

I say, take a couple of days and let go of all the negative thoughts that are disturbing your conscience. Forget for some time that you risked up JEE Main or Advanced, forget about the peers, colleagues, and family, and gain mental peace, for some time. Once you feel refreshed and clear from negativity, decide what to do next and stand by that.

At last, know that no answer sheet paper, no OMR sheet, and no examination in this world can describe who you are. You are a supreme conscience and creator of yourself being, and 75 multiple choice questions can never fulfil the wonderful potential that you carry in you.

At this point, people may try to cheer you by telling you that “Attempting is more applauding than success”.  But it is not necessary that you can’t score well next time. In case you wish to repeat, At VIGYAS, we are always willing to extend support in terms of various courses for JEE, choose one, as per your convenience for your level of preparation.


The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE), comprising Main and Advanced exams, is the path to admission to the most reputed and renowned Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs). The IITs are a dream destination and the new stroke of the horizon for most engineering candidates in India but cracking the JEE isn’t easy. However, there are some IITians who have achieved their dreams despite many problems and difficulties and conquered the hurdles for dream accomplishment. Here are the inspirational and motivational stories of some IITians.

#1 Rajiv Dandotiya’s success route from 39% in Class-12 to IIT-KGP

•Rajiv Dandotiya, from a tribal village in Rajasthan, was a low-average candidate who secured just 39% in Class-12. However, he understood that education was the only way to help and support his family and prepared for JEE. He conquered his fear and got admission through JEE in 2002 in his third attempt and got admission to IIT-Kharagpur. He then perused Ph.D. and worked in Maersk Drilling. He is working for Tetra Pak in Sweden.

#2 This IIT-B graduate conquered disability to land a dream Japanese job

•Rajesh Sharma, who experienced the grief from a neglected clubfoot that affects lower limbs, cracked the IIT-JEE in 2009 to be into IIT-Bombay. Although he was unable to afford to coach for the same, he still achieved the 20th rank in the physically disabled category. Sharma, the son of a Jodhpur-based carpenter, later also fulfilled his dream of working in the Japanese e-commerce firm, Rakuten, during campus placements with an Rs. 32 LPA package.

#3 Arpit Prajapat, gardener’s son from Indore, cracked JEE in 2017

Gardner’s son reaps fruits of his hard work

Arpit Prajapat, the son of a gardener from Madhya Pradesh’s Indore, cracked JEE in 2017.

He secured the All-India Rank (AIR) of 46 in the JEE Advanced and AIR 244 in JEE Main. Arpit worked hard to fulfil his father’s dreams of seeing his son doing well in life. He attributed his success to his father who works upto 14 hours a day to make living and never distracted Arpit with any of his financial troubles or hardships.

He later joined IIT-Bombay to pursue BTech in Computer Science and Engineering.

#4 Nikhil Garg

This ‘average student’ bagged AIR 6 beating all odds

Nikhil Garg’s story is a perfect example that with hard work and perseverance, nothing is impossible.

He was an average student until Class-10 who later moved to Rajasthan’s Kota for IIT-JEE preparation in class XI. Despite his mother’s death due to breast cancer at the time, his father supported and motivated him. No one has any expectations from including he himself and his parents, but finally with all his dedicated efforts,

He secured AIR-6 in IIT-JEE in 2008 and got into IIT-Delhi. He currently works for Gamma Networks.

#5 Dungra Ram Choudhary: 

 Dunga Ram Choudhary belongs to a small village of jhalour dist. Rajasthan he cracked IIT JEE 2002 with rank 1 then he joined IIT Kanpur in computer science engineering branch. Hailing from a small village in Rajasthan, he supposedly dropped one year for better preparation. He breaks all the misconceptions that anyone hailing from a small town is no matching the others from bigger cities. He joined Oracle Real Application Clusters group where he has been contributing to development of Distributed Lock Manager, Cache Fusion and Kernel Diagnosability Service. He is an inspiration to all the JEE aspirants.

VIGYAS Redefine Success- According to us, true success lies in the moments when you were attempting for sample papers while your peers were having a gala time of their lives, success lies in the satisfaction and determination that you had given to your studies and comfort that you had provided to your parents when they saw you persevering day and night just to make them feel happy and proud.

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